HMO Upgrades

We have upgraded many houses and flats for HMO occupancy. Many properties can be a HMO, but not all need to be licensed. Even if your property is a not a licensable HMO, it could still need work to comply with regulations. We can help with the upgrade work that might be required for your HMO, which could include:

  • Mains connected, battery back-up interconnected fire alarm systems
  • 30 minute fire door installation or upgrade
  • Twist and turn locks
  • Electric checks and upgrades
  • Gas safety checks 
  • Fire risk assessments

We also have vast amounts of experience in liaising with various councils in obtaining HMO license agreements, should your property need one. We can help complete the paperwork, meet the council officers and discuss and negotiate with the council with regards to what works need doing in order to get a license. 
We also manage and are the license holder for many HMO properties, so if this is of interest to you also, then get in touch!
If you thinking about turning your property into a HMO give us a call and we can help you along the way.

Some useful information

  • Normally of you let your property to 3 or more tenants, who aren’t from the same family and who share toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities, then your property is a HMO.
  • When is  a license required: If you let your property to 5 or more people, AND the property is 3 or more stories high, a license will be required. Individual councils can also include other properties for HMO licensing also.  You should always check with the council about potential HMO requirements.

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