Freehold & Common Parts

As a freeholder, it is your responsibility to maintain the exterior and fabric of the building, and also the common parts. This includes items such as roofs, gutters, the exterior of the windows and cills, masonry, brick walls, and communal stairs and hallways – these are all parts of the building which the freeholder must repair and maintain.

Whether your project requires an overhaul of the area, or complete renewing, we can assist with any freehold and common part needs. We understand that the cost is sometimes shared between various owners, and we can help ensure our specification, information and quoting informs everyone of the works and timescales required.

Old London stock housing comprise of many traditional features such as interior and exterior cornices and moulds which need to be renewed, maintained and sometimes replaced. While this type of job may sometimes seem overwhelming, we can manage the project from start to finish, leaving you free to get on with other projects, and taking the stress away. We have many sources which stock moulds to match existing, or who can make up specific shapes and designs dependent on the jobs needs.

Sanding down any flaking windows and sills and painting the exterior of the building can be done efficiently by our team of skilled carpenters and decorators. We can match or change any colour scheme using only good quality products which will stand the test of natures elements.

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We work with homeowners on all types of building requirements. We love both small and large jobs, and take pride on the finished product no matter the size. We can take on your project from the get go, or will happily work alongside other building contractors to get a specific job completed.