Basement Conversions

It’s common in London to expand your current home, rather than move somewhere bigger. But if going up or back isn’t an option, then perhaps looking down is the way forward! Basement conversions can add a lot of valuable space to your existing home. By converting that dark cellar, or dingy basement into a bright and cosy space, you can add prized space and value to your home. Basements are often located much closer to the main house space in comparison to a loft, and so can be much more flexible in their use, giving home owners more choice. Perhaps you need an extra family living space, a children’s play area, an entertainment area, a laundry space or even a kitchen or dining room.  We can help you make your basement into a more usable and much loved part of your home.

Some basement spaces are so large, that they can be converted into a self-contained flat, or a whole new dwelling. This is dependent on your current space, and whether further excavation works can take place; and what the water levels are like around your home. We can help you plan your basement conversion and discover the potential of what lies below your home.

Ensuring your basement is kept dry and warm is paramount to any basement conversion. Today, it is well known that more than just simply tanking is needed for a long term solution to water levels and management around your home. Using special flow channels, drains, and pumps for a complete drainage system, ensures that the water in the ground does not apply unnecessary pressure to the foundations and structures of your home, by channeling it away. These systems also help to keep water out of your home, keeping your basement dry and usable for years to come, without any issues with damp and mould.

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