Woodwork Repairs

Repairing rotten wood and windows can often save you money and be a better all-round solution then replacing. Trained in specialist wood care systems, we can often repair windows, cills, frames, doors, decorative or architectural forms or mouldings, which would have otherwise been removed and replaced. We can repair small or large areas using these specialist techniques. 

Rotting window frames and cills is common especially in the old stock houses of London. Replacing them can be very expensive and time consuming, and is very disruptive to the household. Having repaired many windows and frames, we are sure we can help you with any issues you may have.

Compared to traditional repairs or replacement, this type of repair causes minimal disruption during the works, and can also help prevent against future decay, reducing on-going maintenance costs. The specialist wood care system helps reduce preparation time, making the job faster prior to painting, therefore making the overall job completion quicker. The resins we use are solvent free and virtually odourless and can even improve paint permanence. 

This type of repair is also ideal to use in conservation areas or when preserving historic buildings or features. It can be moulded when its being applied meaning if the detail is intricate we should be able to match it.

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