Tiling & Paving

We undertake and complete all aspects of wall and floor tiling, and paving tasks, for both interior and exterior applications. We are able to offer a comprehensive service to get any paving or tiling job complete, advising on any practical concerns and visual elements of your tiling project. Perhaps the subfloor needs levelling out first, or repairs carried out before the aesthetic parts of the task can be completed satisfactorily in order to deliver a beautiful looking appearance, but which also provides a long lasting and durable finish.

Many London homes have traditional mosaic style tiling to the entrance and hall flooring, and also along the garden path. We can advise on any repairs and overhauls which may be required in order to bring the original tiling back to life. Likewise perhaps your project requires a completely new design. We can help with traditional or contemporary flooring designs, symmetrical patterns, sourcing tiles and decorative features to enhance and finish your project. 

If you’re garden, stairwell or driveway requires new paving or slabs we can assist with both the sourcing and installation. Experts in fitting an array of different materials, such as York stone, terracotta, marble, slate, granite, concrete and sandstone. Each stone or material has different features which need to be considered when making the choice for your project. We can assist in helping you make the right choice for your application and design.

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We work with homeowners on all types of building requirements. We love both small and large jobs, and take pride on the finished product no matter the size. We can take on your project from the get go, or will happily work alongside other building contractors to get a specific job completed.