If you’re looking to transform your home, you’ll most likely need some structural work carried out. Whether it’s moving a low bearing wall, propping, adding a side or rear extension, opening up that dreary kitchen, adding a loft extension, or undertaking a property refurbishment – structural work is often an important element of all these jobs. We are professionals in structural works of all kinds.

If your project requires complete management, we can organise structural and architectural consultations and drawings creating initial plans, and then carry out the build works. Or perhaps you’ve already got the plans drawn up? We can undertake the structural or on-going building works as per your plans, so that your job is completed in a timely and professional manner. 
We’re also experienced with commercial properties, and opening up office, shop and basement spaces for your workshop requirements. Perhaps you need to convert a space into your new office, or make 2 rooms into 1 – whatever your commercial structural needs, we can assist. 

If you’ve got a cellar or basement space as part of your property and want to utilise the space more effectively, by incorporating it into your existing home, we can help from the design stage all the way through to waterproof shell, and beyond; or follow your lead and drawings. 

Or perhaps you want to create a more open plan living space, which seamlessly opens up into the garden. This will all require precise structural detail and work, to ensure you get the right finish, complying with building control and ensuring its lasts for years to come.

We are well versed in liaising with building control, whether it is council or private. We can help with any permission needed, or converse as the work is carried out, to ensure any relevant certificates and sign offs are achieved.

So if you’re planning on opening up that space to make your home more usable for you, or planning a bigger job, we can help with all your structural needs.

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We work with homeowners on all types of building requirements. We love both small and large jobs, and take pride on the finished product no matter the size. We can take on your project from the get go, or will happily work alongside other building contractors to get a specific job completed.