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If you have a leaking or problematic flat roof we can help using top quality products and craftsmanship. Both fibreglass and liquid rubber are durable alternatives to traditional roofing materials, and can be used in a number of applications which require a watertight solution including flat roofs, patios, walkways or balconies. It is renowned for its impermeable properties and if installed correctly should provide years of maintenance free use. While fibreglass has been around in the UK as a roofing material for over 30 years, it has made huge advancements in recent years making it a top choice for roofing.

Fibreglass and liquid rubber have a seamless appearance and the top coat can be finished in a large variety of colours. As a fibreglass and liquid rubber are seamless in application, it means it has no joins, welds or seams, resulting in less weak points where it could potentially leak through. GRP and liquid rubber roofs are sag-resistant and extremely flexible, and provide a smooth finish, all of which can add value and enhance the look of your property. Offering a product guarantee between 10 – 25 years, depending on the  product chosen, although both are likely to last much longer, fibreglass and liquid rubber roofs are the modern choice for stress free, watertight roofing needs.

Fibreglass and liquid rubber roofs offer a long term cost effective solution, and can be refurbished should you want to make any extensions or adaptions to your property; or should any physical damage occur, it can be repaired easily. 

It can also be walked on, so you can use it on balconies or terraces, and can even be made non-slip if you application requires this.

With fibreglass’ and liquid rubber’s strength, weather resistance, look, durability and cost, they are the ideal choice for any flat roof, balcony or other property needs which require a watertight finish.

Pitched roofs often need work carried out on them, or when you carry out a loft conversion your property will require a new roof. We can attend to any roofing needs, assessing what method would be best for repairing taking into account both traditional and modern roofing methods, and also put a whole new roofing structure and system in place.

Cladding can be applied to the front or rear of houses and can change the overall look and feel of a home. Using top quality products with high fire and weather resistance capabilities, we can ensure your property not only looks good but is safe and lasts a long time.

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