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Whether you’re looking to have an existing iron railing, gate or staircase altered, or having a new one installed, we are able to supply and install all types, shapes and styles. 
If you had an extension or alteration done to your property and need the railing extended to match the existing, we can help with this too.

Quite often existing iron railings and gates are original, having been installed over 100 years ago. This often leads to many repairs which need to be carried out. When we attend we can advise on the best remedy to your railing or gate to ensure a good quality and long lasting reparation is made. We are able to organise replicas to be made of existing components such as rail heads to ensure any repairs match into your existing railing, and repair any foundation or missing components.

Due to the age of many railings in London, a complete overhaul and repaint is often needed to bring the railings back to their former glory. Quite often this involves stripping all the layers of paint off, repairing any rust or broken sections, and applying an anti-corrosion paint as a barrier for future use. Most railings are finished in gloss black hammerite paint, but you can choice whatever colour you want and we’ll finish it in that for you.

If you thinking of installing a new railing or gate we can advise on what styles and shapes would have traditionally been present, or assist in matching your new railing with neighbouring properties. Or if you’re looking for ideas on styles and options, we can also assist with this.

We’ve made, altered and added many railings, balustrades and stairs over our time. Please contact us and we’ll take a look at your project, and go from there.

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We work with homeowners on all types of building requirements. We love both small and large jobs, and take pride on the finished product no matter the size. We can take on your project from the get go, or will happily work alongside other building contractors to get a specific job completed.